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The framework support both regional and specialized accreditation, making it easy to electronically share plans and reports with accreditation teams.


  • Provides the login ID and password on portal to the evaluators in order to review the following
    • Mock Assessment
    • Define the visit schedule
    • Verify the Pre-Visit Activity through SAR (Mock Assessment etc.)
    • Verify the evidences given by the institution
  • Provides a research-based national protocol for education service providers committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable continuous improvement
  • Builds the capacity of the agency and its client districts to increase student learning
  • Stimulates, supports and examines how all elements of a system work in harmony
  • Ensures all people, processes, departments and operations of the agency work in concert (focused, aligned, connected)
  • Strengthens efforts to provide accountability to clients
  • Encourages growth beyond compliance to achieve excellence
  • Promotes continuous, not episodic, improvement


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