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Integrate Planning and Assessment into Your Institution

This Framework closes the loop between planning and action. It gives clarity and structure to strategic planning and documents ongoing academic and non-academic achievements. This helps you to identify areas that are doing well, and those requiring additional focus.

It lets you replace the traditionally chaotic, last-minute/make up approach to assessment with a more orderly and effective process, providing enterprise-wide visibility into targeted improvement activities.

Comprehensive Support for Your Institution’s Plans

Institutional Alignment

The framework provides matchless flexibility. Configure it to serve a single institution looking to manage outcomes assessment, or an entire university system. This application meets your needs today and supports you as they evolve.

It enables you to manage planning and assessment at multiple levels:

  • Institution
  • School, college
  • Program, department
  • Course or activity

Driving institutional alignment is easier when faculty and staff share insight into objectives and progress. The application gives users role-based access to the precise information they need to manage improvement efforts. And efficiently report progress to satisfy both internal and external demands.

Outcomes Assessment

The framework provides ongoing, wide visibility into assessment, enabling faculty and staff to efficiently manage improvement strategies and monitor activities. Critical information about every outcome is readily available and linked to supporting evidence.

It strengthens your commitment to continuous improvement by uniting your assessment process with qualitative data from direct measures of learning - including tests, surveys and e-portfolios.

A dynamic feedback loop is a key framework component, and users can easily view plans alongside follow-up actions and results. Observations are presented in actionable contexts that encourage participation and reflection at all levels of the institution.

Continuous Improvement

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